Now pajamas are called”After Work”

What did you do at the Easter Holiday? Did you stay in the comfort of your home sweet home? Congratulations. I am of the theory that holidays do not combine with travel and always try to put my motto into practice. But as I live in society(and in my family), my preferences do not always prevail. And sometimes we need to move on holidays. And what happens? Give what you give. A trip that takes 5 hours of road, ends up taking 10.

It is punk and will be increasingly punk with the government encouraging the sale of cars and roads without maintenance. It was punk and it will always be punk while all of Brazil’s agricultural production depends on roads and trucks. But that’s it. I was already in a bad mood on Sunday and I will not follow the whining because, as my husband always says, it is”I have to turn the page”. For turning the page, I come through this saying that  MARIANA DE PIJAMA has  never been mistaken about the small pleasures of life. Mariana, who always had(and will always have) the first act when she got home to take off her body clothes and put on her pajamas, celebrated with pomp and circumstance the catalog she received from Throw , the lovely store of pajamas, sweaters, lingerie and the like at Ruizesolar.


Do you know the new definition for pajamas, according to the store? Definition for who does not mean to come home and put on pajamas? After Work. I’m going to get home now and put on my After Work outfit. What about?

Yeah. It does not mix, but I thought it was cool. This proves that there is a market of Marian hawkers who love to get home and put on their pajamas-now the After Work outfit. So much so that we have created a new denomination for pajamas: After Work,”a concept of comfort, well-being and other firulas we love,” writes neither in the catalog. Here’s the text: “Is there a better time than coming home after a long day?”

“Thinking about this time that is only yours we have developed beautiful pieces that will embrace this moment with maximum comfort, freedom and style,” the text continues. Really, the little pajamas are very cute. I wanted to win everyone. Yes, I said win-because, as far as I remember, my mother warned me that she would not give me any Easter eggs. I was going to get pissed off. Remember, mother? Because I remember you in the post  FIVE IDEAS FOR AN EASTER CHOCOLATE . So far I have not seen chocolate or pajamas.

So I leave here several ideas and options of After Work, go that you are in doubt, neither…(since I am a”difficult” person to give).

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