Goodbye Pants Brand Low!

Long ago we women are looking for a way to model our silhouette.Formerly, the only option within reach was that of the corset, which at that time even worked, but pressed the waist in a way that the result was nausea, dizziness and even fainting (talking of our great-grandparents).

Thank goodness that technology works to our advantage.Luckily the world has changed, evolved.Today, we can model the silhouette and look wonderful in that dress more just, and that in a healthy, comfortable and effective.

Dajo has a complete line of shapewear, that is, modeling lingeries created in a high technology fabric to control, compress and model our curvy, and that is suitable for any type of clothing that we use from

It’s amazing what technology can do for us right ?!The most interesting thing about this line of modeling lingerie is that, in addition to the immediate visual effect, as we go about using it, the fabric is working on our body, taking that brand of low waist pants or brand of panty on the hip (which bothers us) .Our body thanks for the care!

If plastic surgery is not yet a measure within your reach in the short term, the following parts will surely make your head, check out:

A modeling lingerie of localized reduction and effect without marks. A hybrid product that blends the two technologies:seamless in Amni Biotech with Lycra and in double fabric, for STRONG REDUCED LOCALLY and AESTHETIC fabric, for an INVISIBLE EFFECT on clothing.

A modeling line with seamless technology, REDUCE UP TO 2 SIZES, without deforming and without causing the unpleasant feeling of not breathing.

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