Yes Post

Lately I have taken many pictures of panties, BRA, maillot.

And even post.

Why did I post?

Because I’m tired of hating me. As much as my body is not so out of the pattern and is not a great affront to the status quo, I feel that not only helps me, but help many other women. Other women who do not wear a bikini or other swimwear on the beach by shame. Other women who have sex of light off by ashamed of their bodies. Other women who are not skinny, but neither are they fat and confused because only live talk in two bodies: fat and thin. The fat is rejected. The ridiculed. And Hardy, well, that’s what we see all over the place. There’s nothing different about this on television, in magazines, in advertising. There are skinny and white bodies on all sides and some rare exceptions and skinny. That’s all we see. And that makes it very difficult for that we recognize our own bodies.

I’m not fat.

I’m not skinny.

And I’m tired of seeing our value associated with the physical form, whatever it is.

It’s summer. It’s full of women unhappy with their bodies, women suffering with the guilt of not having a “beach body”, the mythical Beach body. Not taking the yoke, not taking advantage of, not relaxing. Suffering from what they ate, what they’re eating. Living in deprivation and calling it a “shame”. Why should we be ashamed of our bodies?

The other day I posted this:

I felt I bowled a catharsis. Friend marking friend, friend, I remember you. And I’m sure my simple textinho took the load of some mines. I’m sure my PIC brought relief to several mines that were feeling inadequate. I really wish somebody had told me that when I was a teenager that got clogged, from medicine to lose weight and suffered thinking would never accept if it wasn’t perfect, thin, smart, skinny, skinny. So I’m telling you now, at the age of 36 years, to mines of all ages: all right with your body.

Of course it’s “easier” If you accept when your body approaches the ideal of beauty expected. Much easier for a white woman and non-fat. But no one, I said NO ONE is free from pressure. Neither the mine more within the pattern is clear. Even the blonde more blonde, white and thin is free, because she is pressed to go on like this. We are discouraged to love our bodies, whether they are as they are.

If you’re fat, you need to lose weight.

If you are very thin, look, you have to take a encorpadinha.

If your breasts are small needs. If they are large cannot use bra-tions not to be vulgar.

If your hair is frizzy must “tame the curls”.

And if you are inside all that default, our congratulations, continue like this forever, thin, smooth, beautiful, young.

Because getting old also can not, right.

Enough, enough, enough.

And I repeat: If you don’t have room for various bodies in the world now will have and the world to turn around. We exist, we stop hating us and this is how it’s going to be is not easy. But it will happen.

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