Google Habria Started to Send Prototypes of The New Google Glass to Some ‘Partners’

It is true that the Google Glass still users generate more doubts than interest real, although it seems that the Google X Labs, and the Mountain View giant by extension the wearable star, has been reborn with the arrival of Tony Fadell and the new development team.

In fact, it was the own Fadell who just arrived at the head of the project, said that the Google Glass would have to return to the drawing board to revise and rethink your software, appearance and functionality of face to adapt the product to a retail version.

Was not put deadlines Fadell, although he said that they could get much out of the experience gained with the Explorer program, and the new generation of the Google Glass would only when it is ready for the market as an attractive device for the user.

However, it seems that the new Google Glass project development team advances rapidly, as you are reports from various media that already restructured and distributed functions, all work at full capacity in get smart glasses that change its approach, moving away from the specialized public and trying to become attractive for the General market.

Has even transcended that Google already would have the first prototypes of the second generation of the smart glasses sent to some partners selected, so that they are telling their experience to optimize the functionality of the new Glass.

Also it seems clear that the main point in which works of Glass is the program “Glass at work”, where in collaboration with other 10 startups are you attempting to bring new ideas, software and features for professional environments to the smart glasses and other wearables.

In fact, they are these companies which have received the prototypes, as well as the opportunity to work closely with the development team of Google Glass.

We will see what we have prepared Google with the new Glass, especially now that virtual reality has become fashionable thanks to Oculus Rift and the generation of “cheaper” glasses that was born around the Google Cardboard, and seeing the twist of Microsoft and its HoloLens.

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