GPD Q88 +, Analysis

The versatility of the Android has been largely demonstrated to suit different needs and tastes. One of the many possibilities to use Android is the of portable game console, a market that demands two issues: physical form of gamepad and a built-in software solution buttons.

Some time we could see the JXD S7300B, and it became clear that you can assume a solution as a very versatile console, clear saving portable consoles from Nintendo and Sony. JXD, however, is not the only brand that we can prove, and the GPD Q88 + It offers an alternative to one price lower than the current JXD and with a very good solvency.

First of all specify that we will not find a tablet with the latest components. This is not a tablet to use, what’s more, it wouldn’t make sense view it as one, but you need to see it as a game console designed in emulation. Use a GPF Q88 + for all types of productivity can be quite bit ideal, both by its limited hardware as its design which invited little to use in vertical.

Emulation, its strong, very well used point

On this console we don’t have the best hardware to play, but unless we are very demanding, you were not going to miss. Enhanced with a CPU Quad – Core 1.8 GHz without excessive optimization, it is more than enough for the vast majority of games that we can introduce it. However, his greater burden is the low internal storage of 8GB, We will know soon unless we expand the storage with a microSD or a USB OTG card.

If we can accept that, the GPD Q88 + will delight anyone who wants a very functional retro console and with physical buttons. Luckily, what does hardware solves it with a very effective software package, as it comes to us with a number of emulators that include the vast majority of consoles, both laptops and desktops.

A very thankful thing is that we will have an application to manage our downloads games, that will give us the option to both find games, as to download them and play them in the same application, taking advantage of its built-in emulators, something that makes driving games something very simple and comfortable library that you learn how to handle.

Passing when it comes to the truth, this console gets very well run the emulator and games without configuring anything with buttons. The result is that you nothing more start to run the game can control it with a virtually exact controls to the original console.

However, this modest power has a limit, and it is that despite being with a better performance than many higher-priced competitors, the 3D graphics are its biggest disadvantage. This can be checked with PSP games that are demanding in 3D, such as Final Fantassy Dissidia Duodecim, where are very obvious and constant framerate downspouts, without change the speed of the game, only affecting the fluidity of the animation.

As for the rest of Android games, does not it diminish, because although it is not his specialty, is resolved very well. Designed more for games requiring certain fixed buttons, like action and platform adventure games, for which we will use their ability to map buttons integration complete.

His other big disadvantage is that the screen is a little determined characteristic. While the touch response is quite acceptable, resolution and colors have been left along the way. The resolution is only 1024 x 600, without reaching the minimum of HD, as well as noticing the colors somewhat muted and not too vibrant, although it will only be seen in games with high level of detail.

GPD Q88 +, conclusions

Definitely, the GPD Q88 + is a very good device for those who are willing to risk for a very well designed emulations machine and that it takes into account everything that is not playing can be uncomfortable. If you who want to have a portable console with many games, it is very likely that this console like.

If one can jump the limited display and low internal memory without accessories, the truth is that play retro games is very nice, much improved in terms of design, ergonomics and power.

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