The First Rumors Are Running a New Pebble More Slim, New OS and Screen Color

Yesterday afternoon our colleagues from Engadget were echo of the emergence of an account back in the Pebble site, it could mean that the Tuesday coming is finally far expected and new clock of which, today, is the second most important smartwatches of the market maker.

According to internal sources of 9to5Mac, this new watch will be slightly wider and thin than previous models, and will have a color e-ink screen, Although possibly this screen is not touch as we are accustomed to seeing in the rest of watches. That Yes, Pebble will continue their great asset of autonomy, which will be at the height of the previous models.

Watch will have a body of plastic with aluminum rims, and its cargo ports and connection will be moved to position itself at the bottom of the device. On their specifications do not know too much, except to possibly include a Cortex-M4 processor and a six-axis gyroscope.

The same sources indicate that the new Pebble will also include microphone, which will be powered by Nuance speech recognition software, but it seems that the limited resources of the company do not allow to implement will be the expected heart rate sensor, which could instead appear in the near future integrated into some kind of smart bracelet.

But this is not all, because although Pebble three days ago he premiered expected compatibility with Android Wear on their first device, it seems that the baked new watches will bring a new operating system under arm.

This system has been designed by the team of WebOS, and will be completely different anything we have seen to date. On it, the sources only unveiled which will include a timeline in which are recorded all notifications and new animations for the UI.

Finally, 9to5Mac clarifies that also it is possible that in the presentation of the next Tuesday not be revealed all the brand new watch and restrict themselves to speak that you will exist, but in any case ensure that would not be when finally presented with the characteristics that their sources have leaked them.

It will be therefore wait and see what finally is announced within four days and if, in the event that disclose your new watch, 9to5Mac miss their predictions.

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