ZRRO, The New Console Android with Touch Control to Play The Entire Catalog of Android

ZRRO is a new game console, Android desktop that is trying to gain a foothold on Kickstarter promise not only to be able to play any games Android on our TV, but because this proposed a new concept of control pad It adapts to the demands of the entire catalog.

The ZRRO Pad is capable of being used for any game designed for tactile controls thanks to its capacitive screen front capable of detecting our fingers on it even at a distance of 3.5 mm thanks to the patented zTouch technology. In addition, console reflected in TV games exact our finger position, so we don’t need to look at command every few minutes to know where we are by pressing.

ZRRO designers do not want to make the same mistake committed interesting projects previous Ouya console, and to that end they will not limit in any way our catalog of games, allowing us to download all you want directly from the Android app store.

In terms of power, the ZRRO BOX promises in his campaign a processor quad-core, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage expandable through microSD which accepts cards up to 32 GB one slot. In addition, this small console will also have two USB 2.0 slots and a HDMI video output to 4K.

No doubt ZRRO presents an interesting enough concept to take it into account and give a new chance to the consoles of Android desktop. It remains to be seen if just fulfilling what it promises, but meanwhile, if you want to pick up one in his campaign of crowdfunding the price is $ 179.

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