Samsung Already Has Lists First 5.1 EMMC Reports

There are few news that are about to Samsung lately, rather the opposite. Some good and others not so much, the fact the Korean giant approaches you a movidito year. To circumvent it, they have two clear fronts right now.

The first is to devote more money to invest in mergers and acquisitions of companies that facilitate you to grow back. The second is to stand above the rest with its products. Now announces that the new memories eMMC 5.1 are ready to send to manufacturers.

This new standard, recently approved by the JEDEC, enhances capabilities of multi-tasking and very demanding content like the Ultra HD video playback. It also includes the ability to ensure areas in front of Scripture memory, ensuring access to certain users.

Going directly to the numbers, the eMMC 5.1 memories come in 16, 32 and 64 GB versions. Do it with a speed of 250 and 125 MBps read and sequential write respectively. Opposite the 90 MBps in writing of the eMMC 5.0 coming in 2013, this is, about a 40% improvement in Scripture, static readings.

In the specific case of the 64 GB (we assume that in the other versions the performance will be similar), Samsung promises up to 11,000 and 13,000 I/O operations per second, from the 7,000 who shared writing and reading in the previous revision of the standard.

It is unknown if these new chips will come in the next Galaxy S6, which is around the corner. One would expect that Yes, since if they say already be ready to ship the first units to OEMS, What better manufacturers themselves to brand new standard.

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