Google Has Already Sold over 10 Million Chromecast

Who was going to tell when Google introduced us Chromecast a media streamer was going to turn in one of the most interesting gadgets that you can buy for only 35 euros in the market.

It is one of the gadgets star not we say it users themselves, say it as small stick Google to send content to your TV HDMI It has already sold more than 10 million units.

They are salientables, especially taking into account that its global launch took eight months after his arrival in the United States, and counting also with which initially almost was restricted in Europe to Google’s own services.

Today Chromecast has grown to the point that its users have gone from sharing content 400 million times in July of 2014, up to the 1 billion of content shared during January.

The idea of turning any TV into some kind of smart TV has curdled, and even Google wanted to delve into this market with the launch of Android TV, a version of the operating system already aimed at smart and connected TVs.

Obviously, on the dates in which we move is inevitable to talk already of a successor that improves the functionality of Chromecast without raising its attractive price, and also are about to get the first speakers compatible with Google Cast technology.

Here you have a video that we prepare a few months ago to illustrate what and how it can be with Chromecast:

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