The Google Glass Will Be Redisenadas from Zero, Tony Fadell ‘Dixit’

We cannot say that the Google Glass Explorer program has been a failure, rather the opposite, because his biggest success has been the taking an advanced device to its time as a smart glasses and turn it into a tangible reality, from which to extract their main features and also their weakest points.

Our colleagues from Engadget talked about it this morning, the Google Glass were launched hastily, but not that is the reason why Google was going to abandon the project Star of its famous Google X Labs development team.

There are still many unknowns about the next steps that will give Google in relation to the Glass, although it seems that the arrival of Tony Fadell as the visible head of the project will be a breath of fresh air.

His first impressions could not be more positive, although seeing the significant slowdown that has suffered all the legal and ethical pitfalls for use in public places and the development of the Google Glass, has been the own Fadell who pointed out that the Glass need go back to the drawing board.

Using all the experience acquired with the Glass Explorer program, smart Google goggles will be completely redesigned and as if it were a new device, they will be revised and repensarán all its aspects and features, as well as the software, that it must adapt to a commercial version aimed at the end user.

Tony Fadell deadlines has not, but it seems clear that the Google Glass 2.0 – or as finally the Glass are called in your business model – will arrive directly to the market only when they are ready to impress, and not only as a futuristic gadget rather targeting developers and geeks.

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