ASUS May Be Preparing a New ZenWatch with 7 Days of Autonomy

The ASUS ZenWatch It is not that it has been the most successful manufacturer Taiwanese in recent times, although actually Asus smart clock is one of the most interesting Android Wear catalog. Their sales figures are due rather to his availability, and it is that only has been sold in the United States through Google Play, while in our markets we have already stopped waiting for you.

However, Asus has not been stopped in what refers to wearables, as signing already working on the second generation of its smart watch putting the focus mostly on their autonomy, the appearance that more concerned users of such devices.

The news comes from within the company, it seems that you escaped to Jonney Shih – President of Asus-during the end of the year of the signing party, speaking of his Smart Watch as a complement to the smartphone concept before the invited press.

Specifically, the President of Asus referred to that a complementary considered the smartphone device should not have an excessively powerful hardware, but rather simplified components that keep the user experience when it comes to read notifications, or perform basic tasks with the smartwatch, allowing increase the autonomy up to seven days with a full load.

Not openly confirmed that Asus is working on something similar for your ZenWatch 2, but it is obvious that the majority of media have echoed in the news and that Shih words were certainly well calculated to do so.

Be that as it may, There will be a brand new Asus smart watch until well into 2015 knowing that his first generation debuted last November, so it will have to be patient and wait for the proposals that we will first see at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona.

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