So Will Operate The Crown Swivel Samsung Orbis, Clock Circular That Samsung Has in The Oven

Korean giant Samsung has already been dropped on several occasions the two most important devices that will be presented during the Mobile World Congress 2015, and that will be the renewal of your smartphone star, the hypothetical Galaxy S6, and a smart watch with circular design.

On the second, which will arrive to complete the Gear range although it is internally known as Samsung Orbis, We have new news related to your interface based on a circular rotating bezel.

Apparently, Samsung circular clock shall not go Gear S steps, because it will not mount a slot for SIM cards that independence of the smartphone. On the other hand, in terms of functionality, is said to be closest to the Gear 2.

The Orbis will be able to answer and make calls through Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone, and all its interface will never turn rather around the bezel and a button placed a very natural as traditional sundials.

The screen will be touch and circular, and move Tizen combining the usual gestures with the bezel and the button. Specifically, it is application and an interface similar to the Gear S, where configurations are dragging down by dragging your finger up. Rotating bezel will allow go showing applications and press the us return to start clock.

From the clock, turn the bezel to the left show notifications, while doing it right will show widgets. Once selected a widget, the rotation of bezel to the left will show us its full contents.

Also You can answer or reject a call by turning the bezel, and the button will “hang” the call. Likewise, the music player will also be controllable in a similar way, and even we can silence alarms or Exchange the covers of watches.

Obviously, this is only a leak, although very reliable as It shows the adaptation of OS Tizen which we can already see in the Gear, to permit their use with a rotating bezel. To confirm it, it will take little more than one month when you open the doors the Unpacked event of the Korean giant.

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