5 Types of Fashion Dresses

Dresses are the most beloved female parts. They are in fashion history from the beginning. There are reports of women in the times of caves already wore modeling with handles. Curious, no? Whether for convenience, either by outlining the female body, but the men began to wear pants and women they were with dresses and female parts. And when choosing the right model, devastates in any event. The following five tips of fashionable dresses can be the difference for your next trip to the red carpet.

1 – Dress Bandage

The model with stripes steadying the body has a strong presence in various red carpet events. Unfortunately, it is not a model for all. It is very tight to the body, so you can not have too wide hips, waist with localized fat and jumpy stomach. It must be good with the balance.

The bandage dress combines the very best in fine style and always high heels. Forget grounders, boots and especially tennis. The more sensual and feminine you are the better will be wearing the model. Therefore it is recommended to use thin heels or wedges. It has to be high even, which helps to enhance the height of the woman and her legs. It is an elegant model for you to go to a social event.

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2 – Piggy Dress with Income

There are two dresses: one glued to the body and a thicker lace on top, fluffy. This model, when in dark colors is a great trick to hide the most action. It is not nice if you are chubby, but it’s a great tip for those have few extra kilos.

Income is always a thin dress, so opt for high heels. Choose neutral and discreet shoes with satin sheen are chic for parties. The black overlay with white dress underneath is a great trick to secure more casual and less elegant.

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3 – Dress with Print

This animal print pattern goes super fashionable and appears in shoes, bags and various accessories. In dress, be careful. Everyone can use this template. But if the dress is all in leopard, shoes and accessories should be neutral. No leopard shoes with leopard dress, which is so much for the look.

Models with this pattern should not be working in the dress. Forget frills, enveloped and bars below and sleeves. The strapless model and spaghetti straps are the most suitable. Brightness is exaggerated too.

4 – Draped

The drape should be used with caution, because a little fattening. Choose high waist skirt and midi dresses with lightweight draperies if you are overweight. The above the knee models and next to it is a good tip to focus on versatility. Short can go day and night without any problem and are very cool to value the legs.

5 – Fair and Short Dress

It’s just the body and great for those who walk with measures above. Sidestep the waist to leave the finer even sexier. The pasted skirt is a great choice to use in everyday life too. Tips? A pantsuit with this dress and you are ready to go to a meeting with the top echelon of the company. With a cardigan and you’re formal for a romantic dinner.

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All right dress calls for a high jump. Forget clogs are too simple for this style. If the dress is smooth, slimming as black, for example, prefer shoes with details for the visual is not too monochrome. Dresses with prints in this model, the opposite: thin shoes.

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