5 Tips to Get Rid of The Spring Asthenia (If Exists)

Is here the Spring: the longer days, trees in blossom, the prospect of summer… and the Spring asthenia! That what that asthenia? Experts recognize that asthenia is a subjective feeling no known organic cause. I mean, is not a disease in itself, but if you can have causes and consequences very annoying for who suffers. The most obvious symptom for those who suffer it is a widespread sense of fatigue, both physical and mental. But, is there anything we can do to combat it?

The University of Navarra, in his Manual of pharmaceutical practice, gives us the following Tips to fight to asthenia:

Respecting the hours of sleep

We all know that you to wake up with the feeling rested, It is not enough to sleep a certain hours. It is also important that the environment accompanies: a good temperature, the silence, the absence of light, a good mattress, the regularity at the times… All this will contribute to alleviate symptoms asthenia causing us.

Moderate physical exercise

Although it may seem contradictory to recommend the exercise as a way to fight fatigue, the truth is that you between 45 to 60 minutes of mild physical exercise (better if it is to the) open air and taking advantage of the sunlight) they help to relax and be more prepared to combat the apathy asthenia.

A healthy and balanced diet

The correct balance between the different nutrients (hydrates of carbon, fats, proteins, etc.) will also help us in those moments of extreme tiredness. Do not spend too many hours without eating food, increase the consumption of vegetables, keep the body well hydrated and avoid heavy meals (to facilitate a) proper night’s rest) are the keys on which we must base our feed in spring.

Learn about the causes and symptoms

Asthenia is a subjective feeling ago that, many times, not us We take seriously their symptoms. It is important to be aware that It affects a large percentage of population and Yes, the spring arrival, we feel weakness, sadness, lack of concentration or even headache y general malaise… is there a cause for this.

Consult a doctor if the symptoms we exceeded

Yes the asthenia acquires more serious character and it prevents us from continuing with our lives in a natural way, we should not hesitate to consult our GP. It will be who decide if we can rely on a pharmacological treatment for retrieve the vital tone or carry out one stimulating action about our agency.

The Col·legi of Farmacèutics of Barcelona reminds us that asthenia is more frequent in women than in men and has special impact on people’s between 20 and 50 years. It is important, in addition, confirm that the spring asthenia is really that: a temporary situation, and not a symptom of more serious illnesses such as depression or the anemia.

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