5 Super Leather Leggings at Less than $ 40

I spoke to you of inspiring ideas in my article Your leather leggings, with which to wear it .It really made me want to buy a pair.Also, I started looking for the rare gem!And, you know me, I do not like paying too much.Here are my 5 finds under $ 40.

1. HM Leather Leggings with Slides , $ 29.99

I love: High waist (no muffin top!), Zippers and vertical seams that lengthen the silhouette.

2. ZARA Leather Leggings: $ 35.90

I like: The faux leather look, the vertical fold on the thigh (with my 5’1, I like it when it lengthens the silhouette, what do you want!) And the detail of the zipper on the thigh ankle.

3. SIMONS, Legging shiny effect, $ 19

I like: Closer to the pantyhose than the leggings, the comfort will be there.Ideal under a tunic.

4. URBAN PLANET Legging with Leather Panel , $ 22.99

I love: Its mix fabric and leather, easier to tame.The way the strips are applied will also have a slimming effect.It is also a model that is certainly comfortable.

5. DYNAMITE, Faux Leather Pants $ 25 (balance)

I like: Be a real pant.If you want to wear it with a body, sweater or shirt inside it’s a good option.The zipper on the hip also adds an original element.

Reminder: if you want to have plenty of ideas on how to wear your leather legging at the office, it’s by HERE.