5 Makeup Ideas to Get out of the Obvious

The makeup goes far beyond disguising imperfections( says who?) And framing women to outdated patterns of beauty. It can serve as a finish. As another detail that shows of his personality and makes the result more special.

Still, many women find it difficult to get out of the basics, out of sheer fear of being too different or too flashy. So I’ve separated some interesting ideas that I saw in Pinterest.  Some of these ideas require a little more practice, but nothing prevents you from keeping the reference and take it to the makeup artist, when it is producing for a more special event.

If you already have enough ability to deal with the eyeliner, you can make it much more interesting by doing a few more glitter strokes at the edges of your eyes. The result is unobtrusive, good for those who do not like to use brightness at all, but it is enough to make an impact and differentiate their image.

If the event is at night and you have a more powerful makeup, customize your outline with a geometric design, as in the image below, it may be nice to reinforce the party look without having to appeal to the always-marked concave.

Still in the team of the outlined, the one that leaves only the contour marked, without filling, brings a touch of creativity very subtle for those who look for more versatile options. Depending on your profession and position, it could work even in professional environments.

If your will is to embrace a more colorful shadow but do not want to cover the entire eye, the trick of leaving it just for strategic pieces is cool. In that case, talk to a make-up artist(preferably a visageist) to understand which points in your eye will best be highlighted.

The mouth can also be a point of variation. In addition to being very easy to replace your old red war lipstick with a purple, pink, orange and its variations, you can turn your red with an ombre effect, with darker shading in the corners of your mouth. This type of strategy requires advanced makeup techniques, but you can take the idea to your makeup artist when you have a great event, for example.

According to ehuacom, the color of the makeup makes all the difference because it is directly on the face, which can leave the appearance more rested or depressed. Therefore, it is always nice to prioritize  those tones that are inside your color chart , regardless of fashion.