5 Different Styles of Long Dresses

Long dresses are classic pieces of wardrobe and can be worn at any time. There are those who prefer the short dress association for the day and long into the night, but it is not necessary to be so categorical. What determines when a part will be used is its fabric and its model, not its length. In the fashion rules, what it is you feel good, actually, so clothing per shift is not a dictatorship.

The advantage of long dresses is that they can be an introduction to anyone who wants to invest in thin and short models later on. Covering the legs, it is easier if the woman uninhibited and gets to enjoy more daring wrap models over time. For shy is a good thing to have some models and leave a little casual look with jeans or shorts. Varying is important in fashion and can even give you a new style. Here are some models that are worth investing.

1 – Long draping dress

Who has too thin legs and walks complaining about the lack of muscle mass in front of the mirror, the draping is your best model. He leaves the chubby woman and ends elongating legs and waists. Who wants to win measures loves this style.

The stamped drape is a nifty trick to stretch the hip, so it should not be used by chubby. They will also become swollen in this part and look fatter than they are. Thin women should use and abuse of prints with large drawings if the proposal is to make measures. This type of stitching should be with plain models.

2 – Long Strapless Dresses

There is a woman who does not become beautiful with a long dress strapless, so buy 10 if you can. Choose neutral colors not to miss the play when the season pass and opt for looser models at the bottom to stay timeless. A strapless with draped skirt is elegant and sensual at the same time.

The dress strapless offers the best of both sides: nudity and modesty in equal measure. While bare arms show a bit of sensuality, we have the modesty of a skirt that completely covers the legs. The indicated length of a long dress is that it covers only half of the instep, no more than that. Drag on the ground can, but only for party dresses.

3- Dresses Long With Syrup Mermaid

This is a party template, elegant and also timeless. It is among the wedding dress and classic dress for godmother and shows quite the curves, so it is indicated to be well with the diet and the thigh measures. Women with excess butt are recommended with such dresses.
The mermaid tail should not be too fuzzy to the end, or will be like a bride. It should be wider and lightly armed with the top fair. A strapless is an excellent combination.

4 – Long Income Dress

Income never leaves the scene. Short, long, medium sleeve … all go well with this style. But beware of the model. Income dresses are stylish when they lightly mark the body, not too much.

The short-sleeved models are more suitable if you have thin arms. With thick and out of shape, the best way to hide the awkward visual localized extra fat is to invest in long sleeves, not so much as to reach the fingers like the wedding dress sleeve. Discreet and elegant is better.

5 – Long Dress V-Neck

This is one of the boldest designs, so you have to know how to use, but also timeless. The V-neck does not fit with sagging breasts and prominent belly. Open back is most suitable for those who are lean even.

On the red carpet it is common to see bare back, crack the legs and dress extremely open. They dare, but even the famous are not always cool. To play safe, choose one or at most two of the sexy details in your model to use cracks, leave closed back and go neckline. The three is too many.

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