What Can Be Expected of PlayStation Suite?

On Thursday all eyes were attentive to the launch of the new Sony laptop. All eyes? No, Android fans also received a very important news from the Japanese company: PlayStation Suite.

But, what exactly is PlayStation Suite? In the words of the own Sony, a way to transfer the experience of their consoles to Android handsets. In other words, a neutral cross-platform development environment which devices based on Android and of course the NGP will benefit.

This involvement by Sony is not trivial. The company has many devices that use Android: for example the recent PlayStation Phone or Xperia series. Sony knows that distribute content on different platforms you It can work really well.

Sony has not given much information and at the moment we only know he plans to open a PlayStation Store for Android and distribute the first PlayStation emulation games as it did in his day in PSP. No titles have been confirmed although as far as we could see during the presentation come as Coolboarders or Wild Arms titles. They are not especially cutting-edge titles but to whet your appetite is not bad.

Perhaps any at this time doubt the potential of Android when loading PlayStation games but the question of the emulation is not precisely new. Emulators as PSX4Droid have already shown that It’s possible. If we take into account that, on this occasion, responsible for developing the software to upload games is the own Sony performance will be much higher, although it must be recognized that the ZodTTD emulator works really well.

Now that we have already reviewed the status quo on this issue it is time to treat the question that titled this article.

What can be expected of PlayStation Suite?

The most immediate, and obvious, is that Android will receive many new games to your already on its extensive catalogue. Not only classic PlayStation if not also new titles. Another consequence is derived from the launch of a new development kit. Now developers, both Sony and Android will be able sell and distribute their games on different platforms. Certainly a good opportunity for the two parties.

As a result of these two issues is a very interesting course. Will we see ports of titles existing in the PlayStation Network? Some games will be complicated, not to say impossible, for hardware issues but many others, like for example the family Mini, could make the leap perfectly.

All that glitters is not gold

The launch of PlayStation Suite It is certainly great news for Android users but they are all advantages? Although time will put each one in place personally come me a series of doubts. Sony has announced that it will begin to work with hardware manufacturers to give stamps of quality devices that comply with the technical requirements to run their games. The question is Many devices shall comply with the requirements?

High-end Android devices have a very powerful hardware and surely comply with the demands of Sony: Snapdragon, Tegra, Hummingbirg… But question remains If users with standard terminals, such as for example the HTC Wildfire, will also enjoy these games.

As already mentioned Alkar fragmentation creates diversity and need not be bad, but yes it can be a problem if a content works in some terminals and not in others.

The release of the original PlayStation games is undoubtedly good news. To return to play classics such as Final Fantasy, Medievil, Metal Gear Solid is sensational, but remains to be seen if the gameplay is up to. I consider myself a skeptic of the virtual knobs, I know that in general terms they respond well but ends up being very cumbersome.

By what could be seen in the Conference from Sony PlayStation games will be in landscape format and the buttons on the sides. It is true, that Yes, that possibly with games that are developed under PlayStation Suite will look for more intuitive touch controls. It should not be forgotten that the NPM will also have touch screen.

Finally, do you remember PlayStation Home, Life or the radio on the PSP? Maybe some you sound to others not. Sony, in a commendable effort, often pioneering and innovative in introducing services and contents but If they do not work to the first they tend to fall into oblivion such as those already mentioned. We therefore hope that PlayStation Suite work well first (or from Sony have much faith as in the beginnings of the PSP) and not abandon this sensational ideal.

PlayStation Suite and developers

The developers are a cornerstone to ensure the continuity of an operating system. Therefore there is always to try to keep them happy and give them tools so they can make applications and give them the possibility of obtaining benefits. Speaking economically games may be distributed free of charge in? PlayStation Suite? Based on previous experiences with PSN seems to not.

This need not be negative but surely take back to developers who want to make games based on other models such as the Free or free to Play. In general Sony has always been very optimistic with independent developers. That optimism has served to keep major exclusives and for small developers decide to publish their creations on PlayStation Network and not on other consoles.

Is it therefore PlayStation Suite a cost-effective model for developers? It remains to be seen but there are reasons to believe and be optimistic in view of the findings on PlayStation Network.


PlayStation Suite It is without a doubt a great proposal on the table. Sony is going to bet on Android as one window of exploitation and also contribute with own development tools. The idea is good on paper but in truth there are some conflicts that remains to be seen what such makes it Sony, as for example the great diversity of hardware.

I personally hope that the point of contact between developers, hardware manufacturers and consumers occurs without problems. The commitment is strong and all parties can benefit But if everyone puts on their part.

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