Tap Tap Revenge Rhythm Bring Android

Although the Google I/o has been brief indeed that it has been quite intense. We have known more details of Honeycomb, Android Market website has undergone a needed facelift…

Lots of juicy news for Android users. Between ads that have become Disney has tapped to advance that Tap Tap Revenge, one of the best music games for mobile, come to Android soon.

Tap Tap Revenge, whose origins we find them in iOS, is one of the most successful of this platform games. As if it were a kind of Guitar Hero our goal is to play the notes with our fingers instead of a virtual instrument. Originally developed by Tapulous its success catapulted him to fame the company was acquired by Disney.

Disney said during the presentation that the idea of taking the game to Android is not new. What has motivated its imminent publication has been the integration of micropayments within applications. In other words: the source of income of the game.

In addition to Tap Tap Revenge other titles distributed and produced by Disney but at the moment it has not made more data will arrive. It is likely that games of some of his films, such as Tron and Toy Story, as well as others which have their rights in iOS become. Namely: Split/Second, Jelly Card, etc..

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