Angry Birds and The Sms Problem

Last week Angry Birds He received an update. In principle seemed perfectly normal, typical in these cases: fix bugs, add screens… Nothing out of the ordinary, in principle.

The issue is that this update adds a permiso so that the application to access the sms from your Android device. This mishap has made some users come in anger and they have decided to pull with a Slingshot on the offices of Rovio. But What does exactly this update?

The truth is that Rovio, makers of Angry Birds, they released update to the market which made many users to suspect the intentions of the company to introduce some kind of fraudulent practice. Although a little investigating is that There is no reason to suspect for the time being.

Within the file .apk is a so-called library com.fortuno.Android which is linked with such permission but not active, so at the moment does not work. If we look the name of fortuño on Google it is that it leads to a web of payments service by mobile.

The suspicions are confirmed when Rovio yesterday confirmed on the official blog of Angry Birds, which, indeed, were studying the introduction of a system of micro-payments called SMS Bad Piggy Bank. Mystery solved and a little more calm tempers.

It is curious even so Rovio has decided to go their own way when it comes to introduce micro-payments. A few days ago Google confirmed that this system would soon come to Android. It is also true that during that interview not confirmed whether it would be through its own system or if each developer could choose with whom work.

In any case, we hope that they have been resolved the doubts about this new update of Angry Birds and that let us enjoy this fantastic game for a long time.

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