Birds, Pigs and Hearts: Angry Birds Seasons Is Updated by Valentine

We more or less like Valentine’s day is just around the corner and therefore everything is filled with ornaments of that date. Applications are not an exception and take advantage on 14 February to teach us his most tender and loving side. The issue is to bring to the public.

A few days ago saw in a video issued by a German chain the first images of the levels of Valentine to Angry Birds Seasons. As well, the update has already reached the market so now we can launch these likeable birds and spread lots of love.

This new update of Angry Birds Seasons brings us 18 new levels set with the typical reasons for Valentine’s day: long pink and hearts by all sides. Otherwise the development does not change and the style of play has not changed in any.

As well as play and unlock new levels We can send Valentine cards decorated with our birds and favourite green pigs to Facebook from the game itself. A curious detail and those who live this day with some illusion will thank you. It should not be forgotten that although in Spain we do not follow much this day elsewhere in the world has more social impact.

As I said at the beginning can be savored more or less Valentine and agree or not with its mission. But if you like us Angry Birds There is no excuse to stop enjoying new levels of completely free. So to continue crushing green pigs, in these nice seasonal delivery.

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