Gameloft Lowers Their Games to Half, Would Fall on Sales?

Android is also known as the great difficulty encountered by developers to sell through the Android Market, and Android Gameloft road is not the best in the world is saying. They gave notice on Twitter and it seems that you want to put the batteries in this field giving a blow at the table with Valentine’s day as an excuse, making a all your games from a 50% discount.

As you say, it seems that Gameloft not is doing very well on this platform, either because they go to use the Android Market for the sale of their games (they only have eight and are not the best) either because the price of them does not seem very successful users. The case is that they are increasingly worst results, We can see it in the following statistics.

You can see how with the passing of the months, Gameloft applications on the Market have been falling in scores that are, but, as we can see, they increase the number of votes.

Worst of all is that Gameloft does a few good games, that could also do Android to increase its market share pretty, but by, call it fad, this company to maintain control over the sales platform makes this not arrive to be met. As an example of a very good game, we have one that is added to the offer, the Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD, that I can see in the video below.

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If we add to this from the channel of sale from Gameloft all Andorid devices not found, we have secured fiasco. Now enjoy those who can from the 22 games that have reduced with this offer, which is first of all welcomed.


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