Karoshi Comes to Android: Virtual Suicide as Entertainment

Little by little the catalog of games for Android continues to grow with quite interesting and entertaining titles. Whether they are new franchises looking to position themselves either adaptations of games consolidated in other platforms.

Today touches speak of these past and in particular of Karoshi: a separate title that already triumphed on PC and now seeks to expand its success in Android. fifty levels and only a goal: kill your character.

Karoshi is without a doubt a unique game. The goal is not to pick up an object, save a Princess or reach the goal. It is much easier, a priori, and most sadistic: make our character is suicide. Whether throwing a floor full of spikes, crushing him under a box…

Of course this simple proposal is complicated with puzzles that will make obstacles to our task. The proposal is no doubt quite hilarious and fun. In addition, the adaptation to Android by YoYo Games, its developers, it has been pretty good.

According to the scheme of other games Karoshi It is controlled using a virtual touch control on the screen. Given its simplicity, and its good distribution, the control is very comfortable. Which is a relief because in some games we have to fill the screen of fingers.

As we move forward in fifty levels that are available Karoshi It will be introducing new shapes and obstacles that enrich the development and make that the level of difficulty increases slightly. In some cases this can be a bit frustrating but is not a complicated title.

Personally one of the titles found me more entertaining that I’ve played in recent weeks on Android. Ideal for occasional items in public transport, and to kill, never better, time.

Karoshi is available in the Android Market by 1.41 euros. The existence of a trial version will miss to try it before you buy it. In any case, if it bites you curious and you don’t always know the game you can try the version of PC which is free of charge.

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