Rumor: Steam Could Come to Android

If yesterday Alvaro spoke to us of the launch of Amazon’s App Store for Android today we talk about rumors. In particular a rumour quite interesting and that hopefully is confirmed early because it can be very rich or later.

A user of Steam forums has reported in a post your visit by the Valve offices, authors of Half Life, Team Fortress, Portal… At a given time Gabe Newell, The company’s CEO and one of the heavyweights of the video game industry dropped that you were working with Android and iOS. True or not this triggers our minds and makes us ask ourselves What could Steam contribute to Android?

A social gaming platform

Although not known very well what have in mind Valve, if that really is thinking seriously enter into Android, the first thing that comes to mind is integrate your platform of digital distribution of video games and ultimately in your community.

A good idea but…and the competition? It must be remembered that OpenFeint He already is social gaming platform in mobile introducing achievements, online game and a good range of titles that work with this system. In principle they could coexist, but personally I see it difficult.

Cross-platform connectivity

When Steam disembarked on Mac OS was great news for the maquera since they could finally enjoy some of the great titles from Valve and be able to play with PC users. In principle this option could occur due to Steam. I.e., that users of Android and iOS could play together at the same game. Although Google’s not problem possibly possibly Apple does it would any other gluing Since it has with Game Center.

Distribute exclusive games

This is another option, although at the moment Valve does not have, at least in my view, any game that adapt well to mobile platforms. Whether by requirements for adjustment of the controls. Even so who knows if they are working in some project oriented devices of this type.

I reiterate that we are only talking about a rumour and that the mentioned refers to possible scenarios that could happen if, in fact, Steam will come to Android. For now it will have to be the wait for the company to confirm something.

The interest by Valve to reach other platforms It is not something new, He already did so in Mac, Xbox 360 and soon will do so on PlayStation 3 with Portal 2. Now I ask of you Would you like to see if Steam come to Android?

Realistically, I’m content with that reaches only the Steam chat and the ability to purchase games or browse the different pages of product, communities, profiles of users, etc..

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