Android as a Platform for Games

I think that at this point few people doubt the future of Android as an entertainment device. We are checking gradually as many iPhone/iPod games are coming out on Android, where little by little the advantage that iPhone is better to play it reduces.

Let’s see which are the causes that are now beginning to get great games to Android. Where Google has had much to do but also mobile manufacturers and processors, who have entered into a war to see who offers the best experience in video games.

Power in mobile

It is clear that, without power, few good games can come. If you want a mobile phone to play practically have to catch a mobile high-end. Most games are being optimized for more powerful processors.

The Motorola Droid and Nexus One they gave a pretty big boost. Thanks to its power many developers and companies, such as Glu Mobile and Gameloft, began to take more seriously in Android and began to bring their games to Android. Basically the Nexus are those that mark which will be the hardware recommended for the rest of mobile in every generation.

Unfortunately nowadays most games are scheduled first for iPhone, and with the release of iPhone 4 made it harder to port their games to Android by lack of power the most mobile, but this will change.

This new generation of Android any high-end mobile will be short to move the current iPhone 4 games, so surely most of their games are ported Android, and the iPhone 5 output is no longer a problem, since developers interested their games to reach the largest possible audience, which surely continue optimizing the games for iPhone 4 or whether in some mobile Android where optimize.

New tools for the development of games on Android

Google has encouraged the development of games thanks to its NDK (Native Development Kit) offers developers programming directly in native code, where is will bring more power to the hardware of mobile jumping Android Dalvik virtual machine.

This year is going to join more tools for the development of Android games by other companies to facilitate the creation of games on Android multiplaformas and porting existing games from other operating systems, such as Havok and Unity.

Havok It is a powerful physics engine and very used by the video game industry. Currently is being optimized for Android but it seems that soon it will be finished with that probably in a couple of months and let’s see some game that makes use of the.

To facilitate porting games from iPhone to Android arrives Unity, a tool multiplatform, where already several iPhone games have been used to reach to Android, as Samurai Revenge II, where in a couple of weeks can carry a game from iPhone to Android.

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Manufacturers are betting on Android

As I said at the entrance of the news, manufacturers they have entered into a war to get the developers to bring their games to Android and optimize them for their processors or mobile, all to make that game advertising of the product from the manufacturer.

The most recent example is NVIDIA with its application Tegra Zone and its distinctive THD, showing us all the games that work seamlessly in devices that carry your processor NVIDIA Tegra 2.

Qualcomm not want to be outdone and made an agreement with the developer of games Gameloft. Where were a series of games going to be optimized for your processor Snapdragon MSM8 × 55 (as in the HTC Desire HD), dual-core MSM8 × 60.

In mobile, surely that would most help to bring games to Android is the Xperia Play and its PlayStation Suite, where has Sony Ericsson endeavored to bring many games on its platform also making their deals and exclusives.


As we see Android this year It will become a good platform for play, especially if it is confirmed the arrival of Steam. Probably at the end of the year the most famous games on iPhone will be already available Android, and finally we will already have to stop hearing that if you want a mobile phone to play it has to be Apple.

Many after seeing the agreements that are making companies so that they optimize the games to their processors will surely think to go to further fragment the market, but this is going to be very rare to pass. The new processors take a very similar graphics performance, and as I said before, to the developers are interested in their games to reach the greater public, with which in the end will optimize them so that they work well in the majority of mobile phones.

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