Meganoid: Platforms with a Nostalgic Touch

Always like to discover new games from the Android Market at times least expect it. Yesterday, inquiring about OpenFeint to write about rumors of Steam for Android, I stumbled upon a title developed by OrangePixel, a very tanned company in mobile platforms.

Meganoid It is a platform of aesthetic pixel that recovers the spirit of the platforms of the 1980s and 1990s. A simple title in appearance but with enough to offer, Let’s see what gives this title.

Meganoid puts you in the role of a hero destined to prevent an alien invasion. This plot manida nauseam only is an excuse to go up to forty levels jumping platforms, overcoming obstacles and collecting stars.

Virtual tactile controls, this unresolved issue for many developers, they respond very well. Largely due to its simplicity, a couple of buttons to scroll horizontally and a jump button. The playability is good and fingers just clog.

The level design is very well optimized for the mobile format. Overcome any of the phases can take us about thirty seconds, ideal for sporadic departuress in public transport and not winding us many brains since in the end it is nothing more than a platform.

Whenever we overcome a level on time and getting all the collectibles can rejugarlo in one more difficult mode using a different character. An option that gives you pretty good atmosphere to Meganoid Once we have passed the initial forty levels.

As I mentioned at the beginning Meganoid integrates with the social network of players OpenFeint introducing a ranking system to compete with other users and also achievements that is it unlocked when we fulfill a series of conditions.

To summarize: If you are looking for a platform game simple with a comfortable control and is also free Meganoid It’s your game. May not be one of the most spectacular titles of the catalogue of Android, but it is entertaining and itching quite easily which, for that matter, is their role.

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