Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

When the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, many large manufacturers had already shown their innovations. There are more than just new smartphones and gadgets on the booming trade fair. It is mostly business.

On Monday, it’s happening again: the international mobile industry in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) comes together. For the thirtieth time, this event will take place now, ten years in the Catalan

metropolis to guest. It all started the year as the GSM standard was born with the GSM World Congress in London 1987 -. Since then, the industry has changed like no other. This reflects also the motto of the exhibition in the anniversary year: “mobile is everything”.

5 G for the Internet of things

And that’s not even an exaggeration. Because one of the big issues for the industry is the Internet of things, Neu “Internet of things” or “IoT”. The networking of all that consumes power, the mobile service providers want to play a significant role. For this, they must drill their networks so that the many recipients to not interfere. When cars on the road or medical devices via radio talk to each other, disconnections can be fatal.

In addition to numerous proprietary protocols that you want to manage the Internet of things, there are also efforts to global standards. The next 5 G mobile radio standard should cover not only the increasing bandwidth requirements of Smartphone owners, but also cope with the onslaught of refrigerators, electricity meters, and cars on the grid. The network operators and equipment suppliers such as Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia, the MWC is a must-attend event for the work on 5 G in addition to the politicians, who must create frequencies open spaces and context.

New smartphones

Of course, there are also new smartphones in Barcelona. Nearly all major manufacturers at MWC show new models. On Sunday we go: LG, Samsung, Huawei show their innovations one day before the official opening of the fair on Monday, then Sony follows. Microsoft and Google are also locally, save up but for other times their announcements. There are also newcomers like Xiaomi and many smaller manufacturers who fill the halls of the exhibition centre in Barcelona.

Yet, the MWC is more than a mobile trade fair: also wearables like fitness tapes and Smartwatches have become the fixed inventory of the fair. For app developers, the MWC has established its own some time ago since then steadily growing-while shrinking the number of relevant operating systems. The parallel 4YFN (four years from now), on investors encounter in Start-Ups from the mobile area is relatively young. And the Spanish city is also the place to try something – for example, when the trend topic of virtual reality.


In addition’s especially to the business, which is why the heads of all business sizes on the way make to Barcelona. Cesar Alierta, Vittorio Colao, Tim Höttges – the CEOs of the major European operators are just some of the high-profile manager, speaking at the Congress accompanying the fair. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai are expected, regular Ford CEO Mark Fields is represented.

There is no doubt: the MWC is booming. Last year, more than 93,000 visitors and journalists came to Barcelona. If the show continues to grow as last, it is six figures this year. The MWC begins on Monday, February 22, and lasts four days. Already on Sunday, the major manufacturers show their new products. Heise’s online site and reports. (vbr)

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