Nokia Mobile Business

In a complicated deal with Microsoft, Foxconn, and a mysterious new manufacturer, the Finnish network supplier provides the groundwork for smartphones and tablets under the Nokia brand. Operating system: Windows.

Risen from ruins: the Finnish network supplier Nokia mobile business initiated a few years ago in a deal with Microsoft, the Chinese contract

manufacturer Foxconn and the new company HMD global reconstitutes. In the course of business, Microsoft production and sales of simple mobile division sold FIH mobile on the Foxconn subsidiary. Trademarks and designs takes over the newly founded Finnish company HMD global, that at the same time receives an exclusive license from Nokia for smartphones and tablets.

Smartphones and tablets with Android

As soon as the business about the stage is gone – the partner expect in the second half of the year – HMD can offer the whole range of mobile devices under the brand name of Nokia global. The power supplier for every sold unit receives royalties; more details of the business, the companies do not provide. HMD had been created “to give a focused and independent home under the Nokia brand the entire range from simple mobile phones, smartphones and tablets”, according to an announcement by Wednesday. The new smartphones and tablets of HMD/Nokia should run with Android.

The network equipment manufacturer Nokia has already for a Tablet made in China made his mark, he was licensed with the Mobile Division for a few years at Microsoft, and always hinted that a return to the Smartphonegeschäft under these conditions is possible. The extra in the November 2015 founded in Helsinki and registered in the commercial register company HMD shows that Nokia apparently now but a bit more committed and not wants to be present himself as pure Licensor for Chinese manufacturers globally.

Old Nokia cliques

An investment fund, which is managed by the former Nokia Manager Jean-François Baril behind according to own. The designated leadership team of the new manufacturer, which should keep also shares, also recruited from managers who are still at Microsoft Mobile and had previously worked for Nokia. Direct participation of Nokia is currently not mentioned yet, but the company is one of the five supervisory board seats by HMD global. HMD wants to invest “over 500 million dollars” in new phones and tablets in the next three years.

The Foxconn subsidiary assumes FIH mobile Meanwhile, production and distribution structures of the mobile business by Microsoft for US$ 350 million. According to release, this includes the factory in Vietnam. In the course of the transaction, approximately 4,500 employees to change employer. They change depending on the function to FIH mobile or HMD globally.

Model Apple

With HMD as developers and licensees is provided as always makes it to the sample Apple Nokia’s former cell phone business: no own production, only research and development under its own roof. The Chinese giant factories, making for nearly all Western brands take over the production. Microsoft settles on the expensive acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phones Division with the deal, which brought already a huge depreciation the group instead of the hoped-for success. The Windows Group renewed its commitment to Windows but 10 mobile and new flagship Smartphone.

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