Defumblr Smart Lock Screen

Defumblr, a new application for the lock screen of Android phones, is to show the right information at the right time – and no more.

Often we must seek together on his smartphone at the current moment important data first. The start-up Delvv has now published a free app for Android devices with Defumblr automated is to present information and apps at the right time at the right place.

It is placed on the lock screen and learns from the usage patterns of the device owner when he needs what programs. In addition pertinent information appear to the relevant place and Defumblr can intelligently suggest also dates.

The basic idea is not entirely new. So already the Android application Cover_blank that 2014 was acquired by Twitter, tried to find out what apps users could be important just now to bring it on the lock screen.

Delvv-chef Raefer Gabriel stated that Defumblr has a slightly different approach. So will not only recorded when opened which apps are but also what notifications go up to find information that come from people that you know. Using recognition natural language is then checked whether it concerns events (about an invitation to the coffee). Is an event is detected, you can add’s to the calendar. The goal is always the flood of information that arrives on the Smartphone, to better organize and prioritize.

“There is a clear need for more products that help us figure out what we currently should – focus and lead us to the information we need to know really,” believes Gabriel.

Practically, it looks like this: you open the lock screen will appear a series of circles, show things like the next appointment on the calendar, an E-Mail app, frequently used, or but the favorite E-reader. Users can also represent up to a dozen of these widgets.

Using tapping or wipe, an app can be start (which unlocks at the same time the screen). Is a notification (as an SMS, one IN the message or an email), it appears in the circle for this app and the circle begins to pulsate.

Defumblr aggregated information about the use of the app – does so according to its own figures, but anonymously. Gabriel hopes that themselves make better predictions, which applications when you might be interested in users.

At the launch of Defumblr, Gabriel showed what he means: the Google maps icon appeared suddenly at the end of the conversation with a journalist. This was no bad prediction: before the Delvv Chief was lost that. (Rachel Metz) / (bsc)

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