Phone Use While Driving

By 2015, the number of traffic deaths in Lower Saxony is rose again. According to expert estimates, the view on the phone was a frequent cause of accidents. The land transport guard their awareness campaign launched two years ago therefore wants to expand.

Who writes the control of SMS or check E-Mails, risking his own life and the other road users. Seconds of inattention can have fatal accidents resulted. To alert car and truck drivers about the dangers of cell phone use, the land of Lower Saxony Verkehrswacht has launched “Touch kills” campaign two years ago. The organizers, it was the first nationwide campaign of this kind. Among other things, posters on highway bridges should dissuade drivers of driving to text. The diversion of traffic participants by Smartphones has resulted in recent years according to the Federal Ministry of transport.

According to a recent US study, distractions too well contributing 68 percent of accidents. Convinced the scientists the handle to the phone increases the risk of accidents about five times, read and write messages even tenfold. At the start of the Lower Saxony campaign “Tap kills” the initiators had pointed to estimates the insurance industry: therefore, 20 percent of accidents on the tap at the wheel should be attributed. Exact data are not to identify.

Campaign against elevation

In Lower Saxony, Germany, 457 people in accidents on the road to life came last year. The number of fatalities had risen after decades of decline for the second time in a row. Police and Interior Ministry are convinced that increasing distraction as a cause of the accident in question comes about when the driver instead of on the road on his cell phone looks. The land transport guard wants to expand “Tap kills” their campaign for this reason.

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