Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung has responded to the criticism of the customers and allows the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge with much what you missed on the previous Galaxy S6: the memory of the Android Smartphone is extensible, the housing is waterproof. Only the battery remains fixed.

Samsung has its new high end smartphones Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge revealed at MWC and design strongly to the predecessors of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge + oriented. While the S7 one plan has 5.1 inch large screen,

the 5.5-inch display of the S7 edge is slightly curved at the edges of the page backwards. A 5.1-inch variant with curved display edges will not be there for the time being. Both AMOLED displays show 2560 × 1440 pixels.

Instead of building new gadgets, Samsung has improved in all the right places: the memory, for example, can now complement each other by using a MicroSD card. You takes place in the same cabinet drawer space such as the Nano-SIM card and may hold up to 200 GB – the capacity of the currently largest commercially available MicroSD card. Although there will be two models with 32 and 64 GB built-in Flash memory, but in Germany, for the time being only the small variant appears. There will be no a 128-GB version, Samsung considers it to be unnecessary due to the memory card slots.

Samsung has learned in the case: the back is now on the sides forward bent like the display fronts of the edge models. Thus, the devices are safer in the Palm of the hand than even the angular predecessor. Continue to the frame of the housing of brushed aluminium is made, front cover and back cover made of shatterproof and scratch resistant Gorilla glass 4. experience has shown that splinter the glass usually even then, if the Smartphone on hard ground. The S7 are completely water – and dust-tight according to protection class IP68. Also permanent immersion can have nothing to the devices.

No USB type C connector

The Galaxy S6 suffered much criticism for the case about a year ago: it offered no space for memory cards, was not protected from water, had poor access to and the battery was not interchangeable. The built-in battery will remain even when the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge because you can open the case without another.

The devices via a classic micro-USB connector are loaded. A torsionally secure type C female wasn’t that one finds everywhere a suitable charging cable on board, because Samsung wanted make sure. Since medium-term type C plug will prevail as standard, the case would have been this but sooner or later also with the modern plug.

The S7 can be wirelessly with the same standard as the S6 load, so that the old Chargers continue to work. Except this Qi-charging technology the less popular Powermat technology inside the devices. So far it is in contrast to qi in any other Smartphone.

Processor with water cooling

The manufacturer pays special attention to the gaming capabilities of the S7 and S7 edge what close given the potent hardware: the in-house octa-core processor works with 4 GB RAM and ensured that during a first quick test for a nimble Android system. Probably is 8890 M1 cores developed with four and four economical cortex-A53 cores in the CPU to the Exynos presented recently. They are produced in a 14-nm process.

The manufacturer uses a heat pipe filled with water for cooling of the CPU. A similar system already established Sony when the Xperia Z2. So the modern mobile processors should be solved, that they can keep their maximum clock only for a few seconds and then decrement due to overheating.

Outside Europe a version with Qualcomm processor will appear, probably with the higher-end model Snapdragon 820. The European devices dominate LTE Cat 9, while the Asian cat. radio 10. The two standards differ only in the theoretically possible uplink speed of 50 MBit / s (CAT. 9) or 100 MBit / s. The download speed is at two 450 MBit / s.

Camera with lower resolution

The main camera take photos with only 12 megapixel-S6 of the Galaxy captured 16 mega pixels. For the sensor by 56 percent to be more sensitive to light. The individual pixels are now 1.4 µm in size. A similar strategy drove Google already on the camera of the nexus 6 p and nexus 5X. One of the best smartphone snap came out. On the back of the device, the camera’s lens protrudes continue about half a millimeter.

As the operating system runs the latest Android 6.0.1. who cares about the software of the new models, found largely in the same form already on the Galaxy S6, after this has recently gotten an update on Android 6. The optics of the system is as always adapted and Office apps from Microsoft like Word and PowerPoint are installed.

Corners functions

The S7 edge benefits from a function called edge UX that displays various information on the curved edge of the housing, if it wipes at a particular point in the display into. Although already previous edge models dominated this function, but now the rebar is wider and more versatile. Among other things, you can put two columns of links to his favorite contacts (peoples-edge) or apps (app-edge) or display messages from Yahoo News. Alternatively, the sidebar to the tape or compass turns. The display is switched off, can be painted nimbly down and back up on the curved edge of the display with the finger, so that appear on the bend of news, weather, or for example, a news ticker. Why does edge UX just on the edge of the S7, not opening up, because in principle would plan the feature as well with a screen work.

The Samsung app “Game Launcher”, which, while a game is in progress, displays features, otherwise does not offer the Android collects all installed games. The corresponding menu appears above the playing surface. So you can take screenshots and videos during the game, minimize the game in a small window, turn off all ringtones, or disable the hardware buttons. You can also into three levels reduce the resolution and frame rate of the game to save power and to achieve longer operating times.

Galaxy S7 from 700 Euro – S7 edge from 800 Euro

In Germany you can order expected to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge from February 22, from 11 March the manufacturer wants to extradite. Colours are dark blue, white, gold, and now also black available. In addition, there will be a silver version later. Among other things, Samsung will offer the phones bundled with the VR glasses gear VR. The S7 is compatible with the glasses of the S6 and there will be for the time being, no new version of gear VR. Prices are not yet known.

[Update 21:00] According to some leaflets of electronic markets, the Galaxy S7 will cost 700 euros, 800 euro and pre-order the gear VR VR glasses get the S7 edge. [/ Update] (hcz)

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