LG G5 Android Phone

LG tried what’s new in the Android Smartphone G5: despite unibody enclosure made of metal, the battery can be replaced. The “Magic Slot” extends the Smartphone camera grip or headphone amplifier.

The Android Smartphone LG G5 can be upgraded with hardware modules, called the LG ‘Friends’. This is a proprietary “Magic”Slot on the bottom edge of the device. The housing of the G5 is made of aluminium; the battery is in spite of the back cover to be opened not to Exchange himself: pushing it like a drawer into the unit. Its capacity is 2800 mAh, what is

now rather stingy for a Smartphone of this size. The volume buttons are now on the edge of the housing. Previously, LG-tradition and unique selling point, that they were sitting on the back. There are now still the fingerprint sensor, which also doubles as a home button when the G5 except for the cameras.

Magic modules

The Magic Slot is located next to the battery behind a cover. Battery and cover are connected, so you pull the battery pack out, if you take off the cover. If you connect the battery to the respective module, then pushes the package back into the phone. For fast loading, the G5 has a USB-type C female and Qualcomm’s quick loading technology quick batch 3.0. The Jack communicates only with the speed of USB 2.0.

The Magic slot, LG showed a camera grip with buttons to trigger, (digital) zoom, start of video recording and a built-in battery 1200 mAh. In addition there is a module of the audio specialists Bang & Olufsen with digital/analog converter (DAC) and built-in amplifier, which will significantly improve the sound quality of the audio output with upsampling on 32 bit and 384 KHz and allow connect from HiFi headphones with high resistance. He is to work via the built-in USB type-C port with other devices such as PCs.

Double camera and quad core processor

The manufacturer has built in equal to two main cameras with different focal lengths: one take photos with a wide angle of 135 degrees, the other with a 78-degree angle. They differ also in the resolution: the standard camera scans 16 megapixels, the wide-angle equivalent of 8 mega pixels, as well as the front-facing camera.

The G5 with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad core processor and the graphics chip Adreno 530 works as one of the first smartphones. The main memory is 4 GB. The 5.3-inch LCD has a resolution of 2560 × 1440 points and thus a pixel density of 554 dpi. It is locked, it displays information such as the time yet.

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