Lenovo Moto G Phone

The fourth generation of Moto-G family should be available shortly. Front and back with colours and motifs can be customized with the Moto maker.

The Chinese manufacturer Lenovo brings with the Moto of G and the Moto G plus two new smartphones with Android 6 on the market. Both devices have a TFT LCD screen in the 5.5-inch format and with a resolution of

1920 × 1080 pixels. As a result a pixel density of 401 ppi. In the case, Lenovo accommodates the eight-core CPU Snapdragon 617 with 1.5 GHz and the 405 Adreno GPU 550 MHz and 2 GB RAM.

Moto G/G plus with only 16 GB memory

The internal memory of Moto G and Moto G Plus is quite scarce with 16 GB can be expanded via MicroSD card, however to up to 128 GB. Both smartphones support LTE and have a built-in battery with 3000 mAh. According to Lenovo, this should hang up to 24 hours for mixed use.

The Moto G plus differs from the Moto G through its fingerprint sensor, can be the Smartphone unlocked or authorized play store purchases.

While the Moto G on the back with a 13-MP camera is equipped, is used in the Moto G plus a 16 MP module with laser – and Phasenerkennungs-auto-focus. At the front, Lenovo used a 5-MP camera with display Flash and 84-degree wide angle lens on both devices. The Moto G plus with 1080 p and 30 frames per second as well as the Moto G record videos.

Moto G for 249 euro – Moto G plus for 299 euro

The Moto of G and the Moto G Plus are available in a few weeks in Germany. The Moto G will cost 249 euros, while the Moto is G plus with 299 euros. Both smartphones are available in the colours black and white. Front and rear with additional colors and motifs can be customized with the Moto maker on the manufacturer’s website.

With the announcement of the new Moto-G models, Lenovo lowers the price of the previous generation. The Moto G of the third generation with 8 GB internal memory is offered immediately to 159 euros. The version with 16 GB memory is available for $199. (vbr)

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