C’T Android 2016

The Android special issue shows how to adapt his Smartphone or tablet to your own needs, secures it and uses for your own projects. Tests of current smartphones, tablets and Smartwatches complement the detailed practical tips.

Android is diverse and flexible – but also complex. As you get more out of the operating system from Google on your Smartphone or tablet, we

explain to you in c’t Android 2016-our “best of” of Android articles from the c’t. We introduce new features in Android 6.0, consider the still widespread older versions at our tips, tricks and tutorials.

Security Checklist

The poor update supply remains one of the biggest problems for Android users: only 0.7 percent of all active devices ran according to Google in early January with the latest Android version 6.0. Two-thirds of all users use even Android 4.4.4 and even older versions – and therefore have a significantly outdated operating system. We describe how to secure new and old Android systems from malware, spyware apps and other attackers.

Enhance and tune Android

The security is clear, the fun can begin: which VR goggles fits to your Smartphone, what are the most exciting VR apps for Android? Also, learn how it is played is a neat picture a simple Smartphone Knipse. Best smartphone stores directly or with the help of an app in the raw format images. How it works and how you can edit the photos according to your own requirements, is explained in the book as an example of the Lightroom workflow.

Do you have even an old mobile device in the drawer? Then our little craft projects show you how you can bring, for example, an old Tablet info display, music stand, picture frames, Kindertablet or light table to life.

Also the tips that it makes the surface look nicer, runs Android without Google or adjusts the Smartphone for seniors are practical. And so the fun is not unexpectedly ends due to lack of energy, we reveal how to save power and extend battery life.

Hardware in the hardness test

In addition, we have tested the best smartphones and were looking for the Smartphone camera with the most beautiful photos. We have tried, how well the current Smartwatches with Android together work and how well to beat the 100-euro tablets.

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