Mobile World Congress Rumors

The wireless industry meets in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. High end smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 are expected. It is exciting, but also, who is missing this time.

This year, the star of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) remains the Smartphone: LG, Samsung, Huawei and ZTE to introduce their new high end models with Android on Sunday and are to set the pace for the industry this year. Speculation is about a waterproof Galaxy S7 and a LG G5 with metal housing. In addition many newcomers want to match wits with the square Hirschen, with innovative ideas and affordable prices. We have collected the main rumors, speculation, and advance information to the new products for them and classified.


LG makes no secret that it will present the new flagship LG G5 on Sunday afternoon. Highlight to an ‘always on’ feature be: the display continually displays information such as the time in standby mode. You know already something similar, especially by Motorola and Microsoft Smartphone with an AMOLED display. Therefore, the question arises whether LG shifts with the new model of LCD technology on AMOLED, or the LG G5 of the recently available LG V10 inherits the dual display capability, with above the normal display representing a narrow display bar for additional information.

Especially about the G5 chassis, the network speculated: various rumors Web sites are reporting a smarter looking metal. To keep the battery as with the predecessor despite of the metal back changeable, you can pull it out from a tray at the bottom of the Smartphone. The on / off switch on the back – so far a hallmark of LG models – will wander probably usual again like with other smartphones on the side. Instead, there will probably be a second camera on the back that is equipped with a wide-angle lens. Some previously published photos suggest plug-in hardware modules, that can be used to extend its Smartphone an extra battery and camera buttons or better speakers.

You can go out the fact that the LG G5 as a chipset has built the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820: A corresponding Tweet was to read a few days ago by the official Qualcomm Twitter account. Exciting is how this fails when performance testing: Qualcomm has the heat development of the predecessor SoCs now better handle?

Samsung Galaxy S7

Several photos have surfaced of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, even a previously published promotional video from Indonesia is making the rounds. It seems therefore quite certain that the S7 in two versions on the market will come: as Galaxy S7 with 5.1 inch display diagonal as well as S7 edge with 5.5 inches. The latter has rounded edges of the display as the predecessor of the edge series apparently on both sides. Also the back of the two smartphones should be different than and slightly rounded at the S6 to the pages – otherwise suggests a very similar design.

In the previously published promotional video, the S7 edge gets pretty much water. It is therefore assumed that the new models as former Galaxy smartphones water – and dust-proof are – a feature that you had omitted in the S6 for design reasons. Also speculated is about the return of the MicroSD slot and an improved camera. As a processor, 8 octa 8890 is expected into the new Galaxy S7 of the Exynos developed by Samsung.

Huawei P9, Xiaomi Mi5, and and and

LG and Samsung are mark probably the exhibition highlights with their smartphones this year, but dozens of other manufacturers present in Barcelona. Huawei for example shows its new flagship P9 on the MWC. This should be available in four colors, like the LG G5 have a dual camera on the back and run with the own processor Kirin 950. It is interesting whether the P9 with a pressure-sensitive touch screen is equipped, as is the case with the most expensive variant of the Huawei mate S.

Xiaomi, the emerging brand from China also brought his new higher-end model in Barcelona: the Xiaomi Mi5 should have a 5.2-inch diagonal display advance dipped specification sheets as well as with a 16 mega pixel camera, be equipped the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and a USB-type C connector. Compared to the high end devices of the manufacturer established in Europe it might stand out but mostly by the price: the predecessor Mi4 cost 300 euros, while the top models from LG and Samsung are priced according to experience beyond the 600-euro limit.

Sony has its Smartphone Xperia Z5 series already presented by 2015 at the IFA, at MWC, still no successor is expected. Probably it will go at the press conference of the manufacturer rather the new Smartwatch 4, an Xperia Z5 Tablet and mid-range smartphones; the Xperia Z6 is still not to be expected.

What, HTC, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla?

Is exciting during major trade fairs always, which manufacturers stay rather calm. Microsoft for example has already introduced the mid-range Smartphone Lumia 650 in advance without great fanfare. At MWC it has for the first time no longer loaded after years to a press conference: that’s why there will be probably 650 in Barcelona to see not much news except the Lumia.

If the rumors are true, HTC stands on its innovations for March or April, however. Then the HTC one M10, the flagship successor of one M9, is to be presented at an own HTC event. Also a first watch models of the manufacturer, a long inducing speculated HTC watch, will be probably still not be seen at the MWC.

Google has a large stand in Barcelona though, and also CEO Sundar Pichai is present at the fair. New hardware or even a new version of the Android rises on experience but the company for the Google I/O’s own in-house exhibition in May. Many could hope for at least a news update to Google’s modular mobile project ARA, which we have heard hardly anything in the past few months.

It has become even quieter Mozilla: the company still strong Firefox OS made advertising for its mobile operating system in the past few years in Barcelona, the ambitious project is now completely buried and will play more on the MWC doesn’t matter. Little to deal also with the other operating system alternatives: BlackBerry is currently heavily focused on Android, a Tizen Smartphone for Europe is still not in sight, and the Finnish company Jolla with his sailfish OS last got into financial trouble. Nevertheless, Jolla on the MWC will be present – there may be to announce new partnerships for Sailfish OS, or you want to show a mature sailfish port for the Fairphone 2.

The mobile Ubuntu comes, however, again a bit in the role: not just a few new Ubuntu-phones will be in Barcelona, but also a Tablet: the Spanish manufacturer BQ focuses increasingly on devices with unusual software and wants to present a first Ubuntu tablet with canonical.

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