Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube

What else was: playing robot on the Smartphone, a gantry crane and a wooden folding table, the biggest Rubik’s cube of world, a parallelogram as a Steadycam and idiosyncratic music makers.

Record breaking

In recent weeks there was talk a lot of world records around the Rubik Cubedie-the best time of a robot who brings a confused Rubik’s cube back in order, declined recently to under a second. Tony Fisher, however, isn’t about pace-his target is 3 × 3 to have the largest functional classic 3-cube

of the world. Even at a price that is his monster can move with over one and a half meters edge length and 100 kg weight only with effort and with whole body usage. In the video, Tony reported factors when choosing the size of his cube played a role: so who should fit in any case by the door of his house, turned himself from a person and last but not least, he got the adhesive film for the color only in a certain maximum width.

Robots who only want to play

Who now has the impression that there is only the Rubik’s cube as a serious game in the world of the maker, be calm: they still exist, the machines, who obviously enjoy less sublimated and mathematical, but somewhat louder and more colorful games, as shown in the following video. Our Japanese is lousy, because there’s nothing to quibble. Therefore we have to offer unfortunately little further information to this robot on the basis of a raspberry, which popular in Japan PI Smartphone game “Puzzle & dragons” (also: “Pazudora”) plays. A camera films the display off, a connected laptop done but apparently the image processing.

Good wood

Even if Tony Fisher found him maybe quite useful for its giant dice, not everyone needs an about three metres high, mobile gantry crane of course. But look at the following video by Frank Howarth, in which he presents the construction of his wooden lifting construction, is worthwhile in any case: its animated 3D graphics, which show up in the real filmed scene, with appropriate noise background explain the construction are already great.

Frank, however, everyone warns replica agree: “I’m not a structural engineer!” Who builds his own crane after Frank’s design, should know what he’s doing.

Folding furniture

A proven wood worm is also Izzy Swan – that is the developer of the hot discussed running machine with Akkuschrauberantrieb, by the way, based on same mechanics of Theo Jansen, like the twelve-legged walking robot made of wood from the cover of the current issue of make. Izzy’s latest prank has but also something like legs, but is not running: the impossible folding bench is a compact seat that can be folded thanks to tricky mounted hinges (wooden!) to a full-blown dining table. In his short video, he shows how the versatile furniture was created:


With the geometry also Fabian, Kai and Lukas, three boys who like sports in the forest and thereby have their GoPro trick. Against the pesky Verwackler at action-packed scenes, they have developed their own Steadycam concept, made a prototype with a 3D printer, and dared kick starter for their simple steady to a financing campaign on the Crowdfunding platform now. The beauty of their design: You must check out just once and now it is clear how and why it works. Geometry, inspiring.

Music body

Also Lizzy Scharnofske moves like, makes no videos yet, but music: plays percussion on so-called body pads, electronic shock sensors, which she wears on the body – musical instruments to put on so to speak. By Lizzy performance, Mrs Elke Schick at the Festival wear IT 2014 in Berlin could convince live:

With a clear gestylteren video, Lizzy Scharnofske now advertises its Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo: your goal is to finance the production of their first album.


We remain musically and for the first time include a video of the ZDF. After a year’s work, in which the so-called Geekchester made musical instruments from angeblich180 kilograms of WEEE, Jan Böhmer Hall of the neo brought together Royale the maker troupe with the German hip hoppers by Fettes Brot magazine. The result is a remake of the hits of Yes and no, which this year has also been twenty years under his belt – and should thus be older than some part of e-waste that now ensures that the new electro sound. Have a nice weekend!

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