14 Nanometer Technology

With the optimized 14-nm manufacturing technology LPP Samsung not only produces the own Smartphone chip Exynos 8 octa, but also the Snapdragon of 820 for rival Qualcomm.

The contract manufacturing division of Samsung semiconductor reports a new customer: Qualcomm. The Snapdragon 820 is produced accordingly

with the new 14-nanometer manufacturing technology low power plus (14nm LPP), as well as the Samsung’s proprietary Exynos 8 octa. Exynos 7 and Apple’s A9 are created with Samsung’s first 14-nm technology 14nm LPE (low power early). Both methods enable the production of FinFET transistors.

14nm LPP should this FinFETs 15 percent higher switching frequencies at 15 percent lower losses compared to 14nm LPE allow. As a further innovation, 14nm LPP provides fully-depleted FinFET transistor type.

Samsung instead of TSMC

It belongs to the business model of contract manufacturers to maintain silence about their customers and their products. So far it was only speculated that Qualcomm the Snapdragon 820 Samsung wool can be produced. As a manufacturing partner, Qualcomm previously has favoured TSMC. One can also only speculate about the motives of Qualcomm, to instruct now (also) Samsung. May, Qualcomm wants to test the skills of a second supplier, may have its own negotiating position compared with TSMC.

Also for Globalfoundries and AMD

Globalfoundries also offers 14nm LPE and 14nm LPP manufacturing processes made by Samsung under license and has already produced patterns of AMD chips with 14 nm LPP. So, probably the Polaris GPUs announced for mid-2016 and the x 86 processors with Zen micro-architecture with this technique are made.

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