4 Pieces to Enjoy During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the transformations in the body make the closet needs to be rethought. But despite this and many brands now offer beautiful and stylish options for future moms, you can be happy without having to throw it all away and invest in a closet all brand new.

Some parts may follow the entire period of gestation, serving as a complement to the news. Knowing at least 4 of them enjoy, you ensure a consistent Cabinet until the end of this phase.

knitted blouses

In addition to the more soltinhas and elastic accommodate belly in the first few months, can be tied and used on dresses when the space is no longer sufficient. This styling trick leaves the result more casual and modern.

long knitted skirts

Yes, mesh parts are the easiest to maintain, since your elasticity allows the stomach to be accommodated for more time. If the elastic skirt is not very strict, she can stay below(wrapped) or above the belly(creating a cutout Empire) when you are already higher. In fact, if you have a more creative footprint, can use as a strapless dress and pass a cintinho under the bust, by setting the region.

cardigans and loose Knitting

Especially the models open in front, are great choices for pregnancy. When the belly is larger, can be closed up and trapped by a belt or used open so that worry, but reveal the new pieces that now compose your image.


One of the biggest difficulties for which I see pregnant women pass is to keep tidy, but comfortable. The vests are a great way to do that. First because, as anoverlay, leave the result with little tidier, which had greater care in composition.Also why are used open, so are independent of the size of the stomach. And still has the advantage of creating a vertical line that elongates and thins out the image, ideal for those who do not want to appear as oval.
All this Valley, including, for most jackets, jackets and jackets of your closet.Since I keep comfortable in cava, with the shoulder line in the right place and you don’t bother to use them always open.