Vulcain: Dive in the 70s

Faithful replica of a model in 1970 presented as Vulcain the new edition nautical seventies limited. The model was a diver’s watch icon more than 40 years ago. Which among other things was a technical peculiarity, which belongs to the Vulcain brand DNA: the chime. According to the cricket nautical, whose first Variante in 1961 came on the market, was equipped with an alarm clock chiming clock audible under water.

Perfect vintage-look: the Nautica seventies is a faithful reproduction of one of the most iconic models of Vulcain

An attribute that is of course also the modern homage. In addition, was and the stainless steel housing is resistant to pressure up to 30 bar. Divers can leave so warn during their sub-maritime excursion with a ringing in time to return to the surface. Information about the different Dekompresssionsstufen, which are observed for the safe ascent, a table on the dial. This dial design is exactly the same as the model from the year 1970. Also the model according to the casing measuring 42 millimetres is alternating satin and polished smooth. It distinguishes itself through the emblematic triple bottom, which causes as a resonance box, the alarm signal to reach an optimum sound volume what is additionally supported by the Crystal from Hesalit. In the model, this material had the task to amplify the sound.

The drive Vulcain uses the familiar hand-winding calibre cricket V-10 that leaves his alarm clock ring for up to 20 seconds. This manufacture movement has two barrels – one provides the power for the display features an hour, minute, and second, the other for the percussion of the alarm – is clocked at 18 000 vibrations per hour and fully pulled up an autonomy of 42 hours. The nautical seventies limited edition, has a circulation of 300 pieces and 3970 euros.


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