Chronoswiss: A regulator for the birthday

The brand of Chronoswiss celebrates its 30th birthday this year. In addition, a Vierteljahrhudert is old in the year 2013 of the legendary Régulateur. What so obvious, than to pay a proper tribute to the ticking poster boy of the House – in the form of the new Régulateur 30. The Jubilee clock falls from the typical “Régulateur” frame and surprises with a window at the “12”. Here is the hour in a digital display. The minute display went upwards a piece and overlaps with the display for the second.

Chronoswiss contributes 30 years always essential to the Renaissance of mechanical wristwatches. Birthday, there is the reinterpretation of a classic of brand

as exclusive anniversary model is the Régulateur 30 limited-edition made. In the noble pink gold case is the model 130 times available and costs 13 800 euros. The timeless steel version, total global 300 watch lover can enjoy, after they have invested 6400 euro. The housing measure 40 mm have the extensive editing by Chronoswiss and consist of 28 parts. The caliber C ensures the drive. 283, which has its origins in Dubois Dépraz.

Design moves the new Régulateur on usual traditional paths. Even at first glance the elaborate guilloché of dial made of pure sterling silver falls on: it’s an outgoing Centre grain Guilloche Dial, a tribute to the Cairo models. Both versions can be found In the Interior of the minutes and seconds display fields of a Guilloche in the checkerboard. The timeless aesthetics are supplemented by thermal blued hands which are to ground and having exactly the right length for the dial indicators by hand.


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