Baselworld 2013: Saved with Breitling

With the EMERGENY II, Breitling at the BASELWORLD watch on one has introduced causing successor of his emergency alarm clock. The company with the new timer indicates that the focus in the workshops in Grenchen not only on high-quality watch mechanism is. Because the new over the past five years developed emergency II includes a wealth of innovative solutions and new developments in the field of Micromechanics and microelectronics.

Ready for the emergency: the emergency II sends out distress signals for locating people on two frequencies

But in turn:
Breitling the emergency of the first wristwatch with built-in micro emergency radio transmitter launched in 1995. The emergency sent signals to the international aviation emergency radio frequency 121,5 MHz in the demand falls and made it possible to locate the pilots and passengers after a Flugzeugcrash in a nearby district. The instrument complemented the emergency radio beacon carried in all aircraft and worldwide by the best aviation professionals every day and was tested. She proved at numerous positioning and rescue exercises, and pilots all over the world trusted their efficient and reliable channel watch. Around 40 000 copies went so far over the counter; many of them have helped to save many lives.

A new frequency to better locate
However, a change of the signal frequency was passed in 2009. The satellites COSPAS-SARSAT, which provide the technology for the emergency signal and its location, which should no longer received by the frequency 121,5 MHz and the emergency signals were converted on the frequency 406 MHz. This optimum digital frequency offers greater security, provides more complete information and greatly reduce false positives. The signal is 121,5 MHz remains on land, ships at sea and received by aircraft in the air and remains so for the location of victims of a most efficient and reliable system. Recent emergency radio beacons must therefore have a dual-frequency system to ensure precise locations.

, The emergency II is the very first wristwatch that incorporates a dual-frequency system. It is equipped with a micro-transmitter, which used alternating two different frequencies over 24 hours: every 50 seconds there is a 0.44 seconds a first digital signal on the frequency 406 MHz, as well as all 2.25 seconds a 0.75 seconds second analog signal frequency 121,5 MHz (for the locating and rescuing).

Incredibly easy to use
The operation of the system is very simple and optimized for the emergency: two antennas built into the lower part of the watch can pull out on both sides of the housing by hand. Is the antenna is pulled out, the watch automatically sends alarm signals. For the user, this means that he must screw on the knob of the main antenna on the right side of the case and pull out first. The button releases itself automatically from the antenna, when it reaches the right length. After this operation, the button of the second antenna, which is now pulled out according to the same principle dissolves. All stages are clearly described on the clock. Both antennas went out, it is to position the clock to guarantee best send performance.

That the watch with the compensated Super quartz movement developed by Breitling is fitted and this is certified by the COSC, is understood by yourself

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