Baselworld 2013: 70s revival with Tudor

In the heritage line presents Tudor reinterpretations of watch models from the company’s own history again and again and thus itself piece by piece as an independent brand. And the designers find templates that meet the taste of today’s Watch fans – even more, even less – revised repeatedly in the surprisingly rich pool of the second brand of Rolex.

New interpretation: the heritage Chrono blue uses a template from the year 1973

This year the 70’s were. And in these, a watch which has received the nickname of “Monte Carlo” by collectors can be found in 1973. In the version of the year 2013, the clock is now called heritage Chrono blue. Refer to even two central properties. For one, the Chrono today based on the caliber 2892. That comes from the collection of the ETA in its broad, is upgraded but when Tudor with the fair functions and can measure up to 45 minutes as margins.

On the other hand light Royal Blue off the wrist of the wearer. The color matches the template, whereas the grey contrast today a tad bit was withdrawn.

New is also the size of the heritage Chrono blue, who has gotten more contemporary dimensions with a diameter of 42 mm. The stainless steel housing can withstand a pressure up to 15 bar. Also a change strip of fabric that picks up the color of the clock includes a stainless steel bracelet included.


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