Young Cellini for the 2nd time on the MIDORA

Image: Wikipedia

They come from Germany, Austria and Italy, and imagine the audience with a total of 148 pieces of jewellery on the Midora Leipzig (05. 07.09). Europe’s highest endowed prize was this year under the motto „ is colorful jewelry, Opal jewelry “ and was silversmiths and jewellers have been awarded for the third time by the Central Association of the German goldsmiths. „ We have built no restrictions, everyone can let his imagination run free – only Opal has a role to play. We will see interesting and new approaches in the opal processing “ Hans-Jürgen Wiegleb, President of the umbrella organization says.

The patron of boys Cellini, Benvenuto Cellini (1500 – 1571) was an Italian sculptor and Goldsmith. He was among other things as a medallist and master of the Mint in the Papal service, and wrote treatises about Goldsmith’s art and sculpture.

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