RADO: Cuddles

Perfect oval: by the innovative control system, the designer could renounce the Crown

Control of the touch technology for watches has been a specialty of Tissot. Now also the Group sister RADO presented a first timer with touch-sensitive Seinoren – exclusively for women: the Esenza ceramic touch.

Adjusted time is by light pressure and swipe your finger along the side of the housing – links for the hours and left for the minutes. So the time can be with a gentle caress effortlessly forward or defer the.

The Crown can therefore be dispensed with – and therefore the oval shape of the enclosure has no annoying interruption, but can develop perfectly his gloss on the wrist.

Typical for RADO Cabinet is made of ceramic. As a mono-block wirdVorschau it using a high pressure process using a complex injection process made.

, The ceramic is also a key technology of the control. Because a metal watch case would form a barrier between the circuits inside the watch and the surrounding area. Because the ceramic is electrically insulating, the watch wearer can control the circuits inside the watch. The electrodes can “feel” the touch of a fingertip through the ceramic round.

Ease of use: to set the time you must paint over the housing edges

In the development of the model, the RADO team who could since group experience with touch technology as well as on the own know-how support years within the swatch in the field of high-tech materials.

The six new models of this collection – three black and three white – embody the first references of a number of planned product developments.

Prices for the black models start at 1800 euro (satin band and four diamonds). The most expensive white ceramic with a bracelet, white lacquered dial with four diamonds euros 2530.


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