33 Years of The Macintosh: The Moments That Show That His Legacy Is Still with Us

No, we won’t make the typical joke of the age of Jesus Christ. But the Macintosh is 33 years old, and although it is not a deity that was the “Messiah” for all computers that Apple was going to sell in the coming years. And you can not you have realized this, but the Macintosh has been present in the history of Apple for many years more.

To prove it, go with a list of the moments in which the Macintosh has come to light. Written from a computer whose existence would not have been possible if not for the Macintosh.

The announcement that 1984 forever changed

Imagine that you are seeing the end of the Superbowl at home and, during the commercials (for which the companies pay a millionaire), appears East of here up predicting the arrival of the Macintosh. The spot did not leave anyone indifferent and today still continue to see skits filmed with film stars.

The keynote

It is very rare to see Steve Jobs dressed in a suit and a bow tie, but the occasion deserved it. The Macintosh spoke on only leaving the astonished audience, and a proud Steve Jobs left for history the phrase does not rely on a computer you can not lift.

The first show in public

There are other less famous keynote: one in which became the first demo in public of the Macintosh. The introduction was Steve Jobs, but in the demo were Bill Atkinson, Steve Capps, Owen Densmore, Andy Hertzfeld, Bruce Horn, Rony Sebok, Burrell Smith and Randy Wigginton among others. All of them were part of the original team that developed the Macintosh.

The video is part of the Museum of the history of computing and it was transferred to Time.


You complain of the adapters of the new MacBook? The original Macintosh had printers, external drives, 20MB, independent keypads and a security kit. You can see them in detail in this list we did because of its 30th anniversary.

The arrival of the iMac

In 1998, Steve Jobs presented the successor of the concept of Macintosh. It was called iMac, and today its still hard model. And we hope that within a few months appear refreshed models, in fact. Hello (again) slogan sealed this succession. Apple was sure that it all started with the Mac.

The arrival of the iPhone

This event no longer has much to do with the original Mac, but I can’t place it here already that Steve He mentioned the Macintosh as a one of the revolutions the company has had the privilege of presenting. The Macintosh broke the market of personal computers, in the same way that the iPhone has changed everything forever.

Their 30th anniversary concert

Still standing at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts. Happy Birthday Mac! our site/w1WhQEvn2i

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) on January 25, 2014

The three decades of the Mac, held in 2014, were held for all the Apple on Infinite Loop Campus in Cupertino. One Republic Group made concert and all employees of the company who wanted to enjoyed outdoor environment.

And how not, your cutting in iFixit

If it is not we joke when we say that iFixit it has dismantled everything,. The Macintosh also has his moment of geek under the expert hands and tools on this website.