SIHH 2014: Long and the eternity of the Moon

A regulator from the year 1807 was the design inspiration for the dial

Technical … respect the traditions … aesthetic perfection … oh what: it is a typical long. More, it must be actually said Richard Lange perpetual calendar “Terraluna” about that. A new model. Lange & Söhne is an absolute highlight of the still-young watch year already. Because the designers and watchmakers Glashütte, succeeded in once again, technology, aesthetics and tradition in a to connect the clock.

A wealth of information

Admitted: at first glance, the indicator on the dial takes some getting. At the top stands the big minute circle. Including the smaller dials for hours and seconds are offset, right and left. And here we come to the history. Because the distribution complies with Johann Heinrich Seyffert regulator from the year 1807, which can be seen in the famous collection of the Mathematisch Physikalischer salon in Dresden. The characteristic big date is housed at twelve o’clock. This representation of the date is so typical for long, that has to be mentioned that they here for the first time in a clock from the line of Richard Lange is used. Two smaller Windows show the days of the week (left) and months (right). Right next to the 15 of the minute circle the leap year indicator is located in a small round window. All calendar displays switch by leaps and bounds next and are always clearly visible. To keep the force required for the switching operation as low as possible, the necessary energy via a cam is continuously built up and suddenly released at midnight. Be corrected must be eternal calendar the year 2100.

The 45.5 mm case diameter (available in red or white gold) shall ensure that spread the display aesthetically pleasing and the readability is maintained.

Power for 14 days.

787 parts, 80 rupees and 16.5 mm height: the hand-wound movement impressed also with his numbers

As last reading on the dial is an inconspicuous window at six o’clock. It refers to the energy reserve of the factory plant L096. 1. With two strong lift springs, whose double barrel ensures a huge power reserve 14 days. So that the speed of the clock over the entire period remains stable and does not let the accuracy at the end of the period, was an elaborate trailer work before the balance switched and protected so a constant torque. The result is a constant amplitude and a high accuracy from the first to the last day.

Precise Moon

The way of the moon-phase display was realized ever in a wristwatch

Is the most exciting technical innovation of the Terraluna to discover on the movement side: there the moon-phase display patent pending shows the respective constellation of the Moon relative to the Earth and the Sun for the first time in a wristwatch. The display consists of three discs. On a slice of heaven, visible through a round hole Moon orbiting the Earth against the clockwise direction. Thereby, he follows the Synodic orbital period of 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds so exact that the display must be corrected by one day after 1058 years. Including a moon dial turns with two round new moon images. The phase of the moon can be read through the hole in the sky disk. The balance is the position of the Sun in the arrangement. New Moon is the dark Moon between the Earth and Sun. At full moon, he appears as a bright screen on the opposite side of the Earth. So moon position and phase can be read at the same time

In the Centre of the display, the earth rotates once a day around its axis. The continuous 24-hour scale provides a temporal orientation for the northern hemisphere. A special procedure was chosen for the coating of the celestial disc. Interference effects with absorb all not blue color components of incident daylight. The result is a deep blue colour space, more than a thousand star high-contrast and sharply contoured are presented on the.


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