Vulcain: under the sign of the horse

Bridge between cultures: Greek mythology to celebrate of the Chinese year of the horse

Horses have their place in mythology in various cultures. They appear as one of the twelve animals of the Earth branch in Chinese calendar. So, the year of the horse has started on January 31. And shortly thereafter, the Swiss watchmaker Vulcain in Beijing their first own boutique opened. Both events Presidents’ link located in the Special Edition of 50 cricket “Pegasus”, of the two variants one a run of 18 models were made. The motif of the winged horse Pegasus have made use of the craftsman of Vulcain in Greek mythology and thus created a link between European and Asian culture.

, The enamel dial of the clock is made in cloisonné. This special Emaillier technique, the outlines of the dial design on the dial are produced either itself, or on paper. Extremely thin strips of a gold wire width of only 0.07 mm are then bent with two pincers by hand and adapted to the contours. Individual cells represent image detail, depth and nuances that are formed from gold wire and placed within the contour of.

Filigree craft: email-painting for the 50’s Presidents’ cricket ‘Pegasus’

Of master craftsmen carries the glass River colors in layers to create the special Cloisonné effect and the color gradients in each cell. Five to seven layers color are gradually on the Cloisonné dial applied and burned at about 700 degrees in the oven. Gradually as the motif in his unique play of colours is.

The intense colour dial is surrounded by a Rosé gold case measuring 42 millimetres. Inside the alarm clock calibre cricket V-20, whose Läutwerk is one of the strongest in mechanical wrist watches works.


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