Nomos: Berlin with Glashütte heart

Noob, gold else, Clärchen and Nachtijall … no, not the names of the most fashionable Berlin pubs, but the labels are the latest model extension by Nomos. The Glashütter watch manufacturer plumbs the richness of the color palette on its watches already for several years. Now is the Tetra’s turn again: Nomos called cheeky turquoise, promising gold, billiard-green and elegant Midnight blue of Kreuzberg Berlin Blue design studio designed variants of color – so colorful you diverse as the capital of just. That gold plated hands move above all dials and the two piece stainless steel case has dimensions of 29.5 by 29.5 millimetres is this Berlin blend together,.

Knowledge outside the capital to please: Kleene, gold else, Clärchen and Nachtijall, the Berlin blend

Also in the heart of all three capitals are dyed in the wool Glashutte children: Gold else, Clärchen and Nachtijall in-house calibre α with hand-wound provides the drive. In the Kleenen, it is the calibre DUW 4301, which displays next to the time on the power reserve. In the latter case is technically to the already known caliber γ. Nomos is but in future his Werksbezeichungen by Greek letters on DUW XXXX switch.

By the way, the four models be worn with a gray suede strap.


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