Midora: Panel discussion „ multi function watches “

As a framework programme of this year’s Midora was a panel discussion on the topic „ the future of the multi function watch in the German market “ instead. The science journalist and founder of VoxMundi Media Institute Cologne, Peter Welchering, acted as moderator. As podium guests, Andreas FiliuS FiliuS time design, Norbert Jensen discussed Joachim Zorn watches anger in Würzburg, from closer & Jensen, Hans-Jürgen Wiegleb President of the Central Association of the German goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewellers e.V. and Joachim Gottschalk by Timex.

All panellists agreed that the multifunction watch still favor of the buyer will enjoy, if for different reasons. Joachim Zorn talked about his experiences in his shop in Würzburg, according to him, 20% of customers ask for a multifunction watch and also for specific functions. Others want only a watch and the sporty design to be seduced, both target groups it is important therefore to serve and inspire.

Also of Andreas FiliuS recorded design of a multi function watch the point and stressed the importance of: „ if the clock is not like the customer buys also not. “ he advises also trade more intensively on the customers to enter, to ask and recommendations to pronounce. „ as well it proved to tell stories to the watch buyer, for example about the designer or the history of the manufacturer. That takes the customer the product “, as Andreas FiliuS.

Have the largest competitors for the multifunction watch the panellists made from the mobile phone. Joachim Gottschalk is certainly the phone the clock will not replace: „ many functions are easier to get at the clock. In addition, it is an expression of personal style. “

the trend today for several watches per consumer, which are used depending on the occasion and purpose. Multi function watches are popular as with men, although women on average have more watches. Here manufacturers and traders have to tap large reserves, the round concluded.

Cover: Press Photo Midora

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