3 Rules for Wearing Leggings

Practical, comfortable leggings are a staple of the wardrobe. That said, it is good to know how to wear them evolve from season to season.

Among leggings trends of Spring 2015, we still find the version leather, printed leggings and all versions of athletic inspiration.

Givenchy-Spring 2015

Leggings faux leather, available at American Apparel

Rule number 1

Although leggings trends come and go, one thing will always remain the same: the classic leggings are not pants, and should never be considered as such. They should ALWAYS be worn with a top that hides the buttocks and fork.

Let us first clarify what I mean by classic leggings

The classic model is made of a thin fabric ultra tight and resembles a low tack without feet. Most importantly, it leaves no mystery about the secrets of your anatomy … if you see what I mean! One must consider the leggings such as tights, slipping the example under a tunic or dress.

Leggings in jersey

Note that the above limit is too short in the photo above!

It happened to me (too) often seeing downright inappropriate looks, where women of all ages walking the almost ‘ass in the air “with leggings too short top. Besides, did you know that some of these leggings were of transparency effect at certain angles and lighting?

3 Rules to follow to avoid missteps

1. Choose the right fabric

It prioritizes leggings made of opaque fabric, rather thick and of good quality. They will have a slightly sheathing side that instantly will benefit your figure.

2. Not too tight nor too transparent …

Should NEVER guess intimate forms or see underwear through leggings.

3. It can be worn with a shorter top if …

Leggings can be coordinated with shorter high if (and only if!):

  • it is made of a fabric which is held (see Rule # 1);
  • it has a front zipper and pockets (or slots) behind.
  • As super stretchy tregging H & M
  • See homosociety for different between leggings and trouser  ( “trousers” in English), has back pockets, but a simple seam in the front. So, it is advisable to wear a high a little longer.